Stay Safe

Deciding to leave a violent relationship is a difficult decision and requires careful planning and support. Everyone has the right to respectful, loving relationships and no one should live in fear.

  1. Find supportive friends – talk to someone you trust. Do not try to cope alone.
  2. Contact a Pat Thomas House for support – they can offer you direct help.
  3. Make a safety plan – include emergency numbers, pack clothing/toiletries, important documents, medication etc in case you have to escape quickly.
  4. Contact the police – when you decide to leave – the police can be on standby when you leave to ensure your safety or if you need to return to collect possessions later on.
  5. See a doctor – if you are feeling anxious or depressed. Consider talking to a counsellor/psychologist about how the experience has affected you.
  6. Recognise your strengths – to create a more positive life. Your skills and abilities helped you leave an abusive relationship and are signs of your capability under intense pressure.

If you need immediate help call 000

I want to stay in my home but end the relationship

With Pat Thomas House support, you will be provided with a range of support services such as safety planning, improving your home’s security such as changing the locks and putting up stronger window screens (If eligible through Womenzlink DV Outreach Program), assistance in managing finances, support for children and help throughout the legal process.

You can apply for a Violence Restraining Order. This prevents the perpetrator from returning to the home. Peel Advocacy and Support Service, domestic violence court advocacy worker can help you arrange this at your local court.

If you decide to stay in your home, there are services that can help support you at this time. Support workers from Pat Thomas House can help you work out what extra services you need and link you up with them.

I have nowhere to go

Fear of having nowhere to go can make it hard to leave a violent relationship. We are a crisis  accommodation service for women and their children who experience domestic and family violence. Access to your local women’s refuge is through the Domestic Violence Help Line on 92231188 . Some refuges prefer not to advertise their phone numbers, but the Domestic Violence Line will take your number and the local refuge will phone you back.