Support while in your home

The Outreach Services offers non-crisis support to women to redefine their life after experiencing family and domestic violence.

A central issue for domestic violence survivors is minimal control over material, social and personal areas of their life.

The Outreach Services are run by staff who are dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced in the area of family and domestic violence. At Outreach you will experience a respectful, safe and caring environment.

Outreach Services offers:

  • Individual Support and workshops to:
  • Re-connect and reclaim self and to link with other survivors
  • Support and assistance to obtain employment, work experience or further education to gain financial security
  • Support with housing issues
  • Support to connect with appropriate services to address individual needs
  • Support and referral with legal issues
  • Outreach Services offers women’s groups including Transforming Self and Towards Tomorrow.

Transforming Self

The group aims to provide participants with an understanding of the impact that violence has had on their lives, share experiences and to make friends.

Towards Tomorrow

Support groups for women who have experienced domestic and family violence. Gain life skills and social skills which build confidence.

The Women’s Group aims are to explore issues that have emerged from moving on from Domestic/Family Violence.

The group offer acceptance, safety, empowerment and options for personal growth, employment, career development and education.

Believe in yourself in the power you have to control your own life day to day!

To access Pat Thomas House Outreach Services call 08 9535 4775 and select option 4.