Futures Without Violence

Futures Without Violence is an education program that has been developed to provide in-depth education and information about Family and Domestic Violence to the Peel region. Services include providing one to one education sessions to clients from Pat Thomas House premises, as well as information sessions and collaborations with service providers and the general public throughout the Peel Region. 

The program has been funded by a Criminal Property Confiscation Grant through the Government of Western Australia, Department of the Attorney General for a total of two years. The project officially started in April 2017.

Referrals for Futures without Violence come from various sources including all Pat Thomas House services, self, and any other service provider in the Peel region. Clients attending education sessions may still be in a relationship where there is Family and Domestic Violence. The Futures without Violence co-ordinator works closely with the Peel community to develop a better understanding for Family and Domestic violence, and how to provide appropriate and prompt support to their clients who may require it. Futures without Violence has developed avenues for service providers in Peel to make referrals or receive further advice from all Pat Thomas House services.