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Pat Thomas House Refuge

Pat Thomas House is a facility that provides supported crisis accommodation to women and children who are victims of family violence in Mandurah and the surrounding regions.

Pat Thomas House is a secure facility, that has onsite support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The facilities can accommodate up to 6 families at any one time. Each room has its own ensuite bathroom, TV, with shared lounge room and kitchen facilities.

There are onsite crisis support workers 24 hours a day, and may provide various supports, such as:
  • Clothes, food and toiletries
  • Get medical assistance
  • Liaison with Police
  • Restraining order application assistance
  • Setting up Bank accounts
  • Apply to Centrelink
  • Access to counseling
  • Linkage to children’s services
  • Development of safety plans
  • Finding secure long term accommodation


Domestic Violence Outreach is an early intervention program. Referrals are primarily accepted from the WA Police and Family Domestic Violence Coordinated Response Team. When attending a domestic and family violence incident the WA Police will obtain verbal consent to share both the victim and perpetrators information with a support service, referrals will then be made through the WA Police and Family Domestic Violence Coordinated Response Team.

Womenzlink is a project that focuses on encouraging and supporting women and children to remain in their homes, where safe, and removing the perpetrator, this program has the capacity to change the lives of many women in WA.

Womenzlink provides:

  • Referrals
  • Risk assessments/ safety planning
  • Assistance with funds to secure the home where locks need to be changed or doors/windows repaired.

Peel Advocacy and Support Service

The PASS provides assistance to victims of Domestic/ Family Violence in the community. Support and information is offered to those seeking assistance regarding Violence Restraining Orders.

Peel Advocacy and Support Service provides:

  • Individual case management support
  • Counselling for women and children
  • Groups to re-connect and reclaim themselves and to link with other survivors
  • Support and assistance to obtain employment, work experience or further education to gain financial security
  • Assistance with housing applications and tenancy issues
  • Advocacy, counselling and support to connect with appropriate services to address individual needs.

Outreach Services

Regain power and control over your life! The Outreach Services offers non-crisis support to women to redefine their life after experiencing family and domestic violence. A central issue for domestic violence survivors is minimal control over material, social and personal areas of their life.

The Outreach Services are run by staff who are dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced in the area of family and domestic violence. At OUTREACH, you will experience a respectful, safe and caring environment.

Outreach Services offers individual support and workshops to:

  • Re-connect and reclaim self and to link with other survivors
  • Support and assistance to obtain employment, work experience or further education to gain financial security
  • Support with housing issues
  • Support to connect with appropriate services to address individual needs
  • Support and referral with legal issues
  • Outreach Services offers women’s groups including Transforming Self and Towards Tomorrow.

Transforming Self Group

The group aims to provide participants with an understanding of the impact that violence has had on their lives, share experiences and to make friends.

Towards Tomorrow Group

Support groups for women who have experienced domestic and family violence. Gain life skills and social skills which build confidence. The Women’s Group aims are to explore issues that have emerged from moving on from Domestic/Family Violence. The group offer acceptance, safety, empowerment and options for personal growth, employment, career development and education.

Believe in yourself in the power you have to control your own life day to day!

Children’s Services

The Child Advocates role is to reduce the impact of domestic/ family violence that it has had on the children through building positive relationship with the Child and advocating to protect their rights and interests. The Child Advocate works from a purposely designed early childhood space that is nurturing, stimulating and safe. The children will be offered; Signs of safety (safety planning), art based group therapy work, domestic violence education, within a safe non-judgemental environment where the children can talk, be heard, improve their self-esteem and identify their feelings.

The Child Advocate uses strengths based platform to educate the children with appropriate skills to increase their safety in difficult or abusive situations. Continuous games and activities are innovatively used to increase the child’s capacity to develop their own protective behaviours.

The Child Advocate will:

  • Advocate for the children to gain placement into schools
  • Deliver the children’s programmes within the Refuge, and
  • Provide child-focused case management which may include referrals to children’s counselling, community health services and other organisations within the community.

All mothers will be supported by information provision, referral and assistance to access childcare centres and family day care schemes.

Childcare options will be given to the clients when they are accommodated if these are not already in place.

Children and young people react to DV in many different ways. Some key things to look out for are:

  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Headaches, stomach pains
  • Low self-esteems
  • Bedwetting
  • Sadness/ Withdrawal
  • Developmental delays
  • Disturbed sleep/ nightmares
  • Behavioural changes

Contact Us

Phone us on 08 9535 4775 and select the option relevant to you.

Refuge & Support Workers Option 1 – 24-hour emergency service
Womenzlink Services Option 2
Peel Advocacy & Support Services Option 3
Outreach Services Option 4
Administration & All Enquiries Option 5
Child Advocate Option 6

If you are not able to contact Pat Thomas House and you or your children are in an emergency situation contact Emergency – Dial 000.